What is a Village Contract?

The Village Contract is the agreement between the resident(s) and Eventide Homes (NSW) as owner and operator of Walter Skelton Village “The Village”. The contract is a Loan/Licence agreement, which is a common form of agreement for Retirement Villages. The agreement details your rights and obligations, our obligations to you, the fees applicable, and Village Rules.

*What is the Average Resident Comparison Figure (ARCF)

The ARCF is a document that we must give you under The Retirement Villages Act 1999, Regulation 2017. It enables you to compare costs of living in our village compared to any other retirement village in NSW. All retirement villages must give you an ARCF document.*

Will I need to pay stamp duty?

No, stamp duty does not need to be paid when purchasing an apartment in a Retirement Village as you will be entering into a loan/licence agreement, as opposed to purchasing a house or strata title property.  There is no stamp duty on the entry fee.

Are there any other costs involved in my purchase?

You are responsible for the cost of preparation of the contract ($50.00 maximum).

You will pay an entry contribution (equivalent to the purchase price)

There is no waiting list charge

You do not need to pay a deposit

There is a fortnightly recurrent charge which is set each year.  More details below

How old do I have to be to enter the village?

To live in “The Village” you need to be 55 years old

How will the village be managed and operated?

Eventide Homes Walter Skelton Village “The Village” is owned and operated by Eventide Homes (NSW). The village *Manager and the on-site team are there to ensure that the property and its facilities are kept to a high standard. The team is available during office hours, five days a week, and for after-hours emergencies.

How do I reserve an apartment?

To reserve an apartment, contact us and we will send you information on “The Village” and arrange for an appointment to visit us at “The Village” where we will show you any available apartment that may suit your needs and discuss with you prices, fees and charges. This gives you the opportunity to discuss with us any questions or concerns you may have.   We will tell you in advance what information is required by us prior to processing an application.  We encourage you to bring someone with you for the visit.  If we have no apartments currently available you may be placed on a waiting list if you wish.

Can I change my mind?

Yes, you can change your mind and rescind your contract at any time until settlement. In fact, you have another week post-settlement. During this time, you can change your mind and still receive all your money back as long as you have not moved into your apartment.

Should you change your mind after this week post-settlement, there is an additional 90-day settling in period post-settlement. If you change your mind during this time we will refund your money, less an amount specified in the contract (if you have moved in) and administration costs to a maximum of $50

What does the recurrent charge cover?

When you are living at “The Village” there are ongoing costs known as “Fortnightly Recurrent Charges” that are payable. These are not comparable with strata levies. Walter Skelton Village does not make any profit on the recurrent charges; they are on a cost recovery basis.


The Monthly Recurrent Charges cover all costs of the operation and management of “The Village”, as well as expenses that apply to your apartment.

General Village expenses:

Village maintenance and repairs

Management and administration costs associated with providing you with services

Common area utility costs, cleaning and gardening

Building insurance

Council rates and tax, water charges and common area light and power

Apartment Expenses: – Water, White goods maintenance that are supplied by “The Village” (including air conditioning if supplied by “The Village”)

24-hour emergency support (Vital Call)

The recurrent changes vary depending on the style and configuration of apartment that you occupy.

It is important that you understand the calculation of any recurrent charges applicable to your purchase at “The Village”, prior to moving into the Village.  The recurrent charges are based on a Non – fixed formula method of calculation. Full information on the calculation and charging of Recurrent Charges is contained in our Disclosure Statement and General Inquiry Document.


The recurrent charges do not cover electrical usage charges for you apartment

Do I have to refurbish my apartment when I leave?

No, but you must leave the property as nearly as possible in the same condition that was set out in the entry condition report, (subject to fair wear and tear)

Do I need to pay an exit fee?

The departure fee or exit fee is often referred to as a Deferred Management Fee (DMF). These fees are common in Retirement Village living and are the deferral of some capital costs to the end of your occupation. You will only pay the Deferred Management Fee once you have permanently departed from your apartment. These fees and how they are calculated vary and are detailed in the disclosure document and “The Village” contract.  At “The Village” the minimum amount returned to you after departure fee deduction and 10 years residence is 70% of the entry contribution. Should you need any additional information please call us or discuss with your financial advisor.  There will be opportunity to discuss our fees and costs during your tour of the village, we set aside a time to exchange information during that visit.

“The Village” uses  the exit fees, for a range of things such as reinvesting in “The Village” property for the long-term, replace any capital items required, and to upgrade “The Village” and maintain the high standard in the market place.

What will be some features of my apartment?

Each apartment has been designed to maximise natural light, and features excellent finishes and appliances.  All apartments feature modern kitchens and ensuite style bathrooms *( Bathroom in 2 bedroom apartments)* with personal laundry facilities in 1 & 2 bedroom apartments.  Some apartments are air-conditioned, easy access to all apartments

Each apartment will have been refurbished before you move in.

Will I be able to make changes to my apartment?

You will be more than welcome to discuss any changes you would like to make to your apartment with our Team prior to making changes.

You may choose to change the paint colour and floor coverings at your own expense. Decorating to your own personal taste with approved picture hanging and non-structural additions such as shelving and storage is allowed. *You must receive our written permission prior to making changes.*

 Depending on the nature of the request, we may allow changes to the apartment prior to settlement.   However, if you are unable to complete your purchase for whatever reason, we may ask you to meet the costs of any changes we make.

What type of assistance will you be able to provide to my independent living unit?

As we are an independent living village, we are not able supply assistance to our residents in terms of care packages and on site care.  You will need to arrange services that you may need using your own resources we have a Chaplain and community facilities for your use.

How secure will the village be?

Security is of the utmost importance to us and our residents.

Each apartment has its own specific security, including high-quality locking systems on all doors and windows.

What happens if there is an emergency?

“The Village” provides for 24-hour emergency call service using Vital call, an offsite company, utilizing a pendant style alarm device.  The cost of this service is covered in the monthly recurrent charges.

Will you organise any social activities?

Social activities are arranged through our active residents committee and are varied.

Can I bring my pet with me?

Currently “The Village” rules as agreed by the residents do not allow for pets except for, aquarium fish and a single bird in a cage

What communal and recreational facilities will be available?

A community hall is available complete with kitchen.  A library stocked with donated books is also available.  BBQ facilities are available and a monthly BBQ is held.  A Prayer room/Chapel is available.

Will there be parking?

Parking is available at an extra cost, but we do not have dedicated parking spots.  There is ample car parking offsite for visitors.

Will I have access to extra storage?

Limited storage may be available in secure area, please check with village manager.

Can I have overnight visitors or short stay guests?

At “The Village”, visitors are always welcome. We recommend you talk to our village manager if you plan on having guests for more than a few nights. “The Village” Rules explains the guidelines in more detail.

What happens if I want to permanently leave “The Village?

Should you wish to permanently leave “The Village”, you are free to do so at any time. Just tell us in writing of your intention giving the date you will be vacating.

Will residents have a say in the village affairs?

“The Village” has a group of committed and involved residents who form the Residents Committee (RC). The RC regularly communicates with village management, and hold meetings which other residents can participate in. Elections to the RC are held each year and you are more than welcome to get involved. However, should you ever have any issues or queries, our door will always be open for you to come and speak with us directly.

Do you have assisted living apartments?

We do not have assisted living apartments at “The Village” but they are designed so that care can be delivered into any of our independent living apartments by your chosen provider of care.

If you currently have care arrangements, you are welcome to bring these services with you when you move to “The Village”. The choice is yours.

Will I be able to get a meal every day or just from time to time?

Yes, you can arrange to have meals delivered to your apartment any day of the week from your provider.

Can I use my current homecare arrangement in my apartment?

We encourage our residents to bring their current care support arrangements with them.

If you have any further questions about The Walter Skelton Village, please don’t hesitate to call the manager 02 9773 9646 or email us at admin@eventidensw.com.au  we are all ways happy to help.