Moving in Process

Visit the Village

  • Call or email our *Manager *to make an appointment to visit “The Village”, you will get to know us and we get to know you over a cup of tea.  Bring a friend or relative with you this will help you as you make significant decisions.

Application for residence

  • If you decide that you want to live at “The Village” we will give you an information pack and explain what information that we require to process and evaluate your application.

Assessment of application

  • We will asses you application as soon as possible
  • We require all of the information requested in the application otherwise we will not be able to process the application.
  • We will notify you if your application is successful or not successful
  • If the application is successful and there is a property available we will offer you the property and send you a Contract, a Full Disclosure Statement and an Average Resident Comparison Figure (ARFC) all of which we are  required to provide by  the Retirement Villages Act 1999 *and Regulation 2017.  This will enable you to compare our “Village” to other villages.
  • We will tell you from which date the property is available from
  • If we have no properties available you may ask to go on the waiting list

Contract Signing

  • Not sooner than 14 days after you get the contract we expect that you will sign the contract.  After signing you have 5 days to pull out without loss of money
  • You will then have a further 90 days in which if you wish you can pull out of the contract, but there will be penalties applicable
  • The in going payment is required on or before settlement.
  • At settlement you will be given the keys to the property.
  • Recurring charges commence from settlement.

Moving in day

  • The start of a new chapter in your life and new friends to meet
  • Please let our * Manager know what day you are moving in so that we can be ready for you and ensure there is room for your removal truck

Remember to arrange for electrical power connection and also telephone connection